Goby v0.1.0 release note

2 min readApr 4, 2022


  1. add Testnet10 support
    Users can switch between the Mainnet and the Testnet10 in “Settings -> Advanced Options -> Networks.”

After switching to the Testnet, Goby will turn to blue.

Also, you can switch the network like this.

And you can claim TXCH on https://testnet10-faucet.chia.net/ for testing.

2. Import custom CATs

3. We released a demo site a few days ago, https://example.goby.app/. Developers who want to integrate with Goby can explore and try out more features on this site.

3.1 Transfer

3.2 Create Offer on the Testnet.

After making the offer successfully, you can copy the offer content or download the offer file directly.

Please notice that if you made an error in making the offer, you could try to cancel the offer making. We can’t guarantee its success; we can only try to cancel it.

3.3 Take Offer

We copied the offer content made in the Create Offer process. We can paste the offer content by clicking the “Paste to Take It” button or upload the offer file.

4. add the transaction & offer details.




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