Goby — v0.0.7 release note


1. add TX fees option

1.1 “accept the offer” page

1.2 “transaction” page

Under “custom” mode, users can manually enter the fee. However, please note that if the fee is too high (greater than 0.01 XCH), users need to click the checkbox to sign the transaction.

Sorry, we planned to implement the fee estimator in this version. However, we haven’t finished it yet. We will support it as soon as possible.

2. support dApp management

Users can open or disconnect the dApp in “Settings -> dApp Management” tab.

3. some minor improvement

3.1 Users can search tokens by token names or asset ID

3.2 enhance the security of transferring CATs


Find us on:

Discord: https://discord.gg/rZFf5dugft

Twitter: https://twitter.com/goby_app

Github: https://github.com/GobyWallet

Website: https://goby.app



Your DeFi wallet on Chia Network.

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