Goby v0.0.6 release note

Feb 17, 2022


1. support Dapps on Chia Network

We wrote a demo site on how to interact with Goby.

Step 0: open “https://donate.goby.app

Step 1: Click “Connect wallet” and Approve in the popup window

Step 2: Input the amount you wanna donate to marmots or pandas (click the avatar to switch, we encourage you to input a minimal amount to test) and click “donate.” Goby will pop up a window. Click “Sign”

Step 3: The donation is finished.

2. add the “Take the Offer” function

We cooperate with offerpool.io. After connecting to Goby, users can take the offer by clicking the Goby button.

Step 0: open offerpool.io and connect Goby by clicking “Connect”.

Step 1: Click “Approve”

Step 2: Choose the offer you wanna take, click “Goby” button, and sign.

3. minor UI improvements

Find us on:

Discord: https://discord.gg/rZFf5dugft

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gobyapp

Github: https://github.com/GobyWallet

Website: https://goby.app